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Single Rectifier Isolator

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Current Rating100 to 300 amps Operating Voltage: 7.5 to 36 VDC Voltage Drop at Max Current: 30mV Temperature Range: -40 to +105 C Weight: 14.7 ounces Dimensions: 5.40” x 2.86” x 1.57” See full specification sheet for more detail
  • An ideal high current diode Charges two batteries or banks from a single charging source Allows the discharge of the auxiliary or house batteries independent of the main battery Industry-leading ultra-low voltage drop Extends battery life by insuring full charging voltage reaches the batteries 99.9% efficient at maximum continuous current No heat sinks or airflow required No de-rating required over full temperature range Fully encapsulated solid state design Internationally patented MOSFET technology Recommended by top battery manufacturers

A perfect high current diode, single rectifiers are a single, one-way electrical valve commonly deployed in dual battery configurations where a single auxiliary battery is dedicated for applications where discharge of the auxiliary battery is to be independent of the primary battery. Don’t confuse POWER-GATE Ideal Diodes with more common, lesser performing silicon and Schottky isolators. POWER-GATE sets the benchmark for ultra-low on-resistance which means devices require no heat sinking and no airflow at currents up to 300 amps. Encapsulated in a custom, vacuum formed ABS package, single rectifiers are perfectly suited for high vibration, dirty, and moist environments. POWER-GATE is recommended by top battery manufacturers to insure that DC power gets to where it’s needed without the excessive heat and voltage-loss typified by more common, lesser performing silicon and Schottky devices.

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