About Us

Our Dual Rectifier Battery Isolators require no heat sinking and no airflow at currents up to 600 amps continuous.  Built to military standards, our isolators perform better, stronger, and more reliably than any other battery management devices on the market, and have integrated features like:

  • Emergency Battery Combine
  • Seamless Alternator Excitation for internally regulated alternators
  • Built-in expansion port for soon-to-be available battery monitoring accessories

But hey, this battery isolator stuff is confusing and how does one choose between a battery isolator? Relay? ACR? VSR? SSR?

Worry not….we can help you.

First thing you need to do is register below.  We’ll call you back and answer all your questions.

At the end of our friendly and informative conversation, we’re so confident you’ll be impressed with our internationally patented technology and we’ll give you a discount code good for free ground shipping when you purchase through our website.

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