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Bi-Directional DC Relays (GEN 3.0)

Quick Specs
Current Rating75 to 150 amps Operating Voltage: 6.5 to 36 VDC Voltage Drop at Max Current: 50 mV Temperature Range: -40 to +105 C Weight: 14.4 ounces Dimensions: 5.40” x 2.86” x 1.57” See full specification sheet for more detail
  • Designed to transfer DC current bi-directionally Installed between two sources like two batteries Low voltage , high current capability Industry-leading, ultra-low on-state resistance Response to low or high voltage thresholds (optional) Timers to delay on or off (optional) Precision circuit breaker functionality (optional) Sleep mode for ultra-low current draw (optional) Internationally patented arrayed MOSFET technology Light weight No heat sinks or airflow required No de-rating required over full temperature range Fully encapsulated solid state design Differentiation between in-rush and shorted conditions Over-current protection

POWER-GATE bi-directional solid state relays are well suited for a myriad traditional battery applications, as well as a single, high current gate for charge and discharge of lithium-ion batteries.  If you’re looking for a solid state method of uncoupling a battery from a load, but need bi-directional current flow for both charging and discharging, POWER-GATE bi-directional relays may be your answer.  Specifically designed for automotive, military, marine, aerospace, industrial, test fixtures, and various 12 and 24 volt OEM applications, POWER-GATE bi-directional solid state relays are engineered to handle shock and high-vibration environments. Our MOSFET-based devices are well suited for switching both large inductive loads and sensitive electronic equipment like power inverters and communications equipment. Unlike conventional mechanical relays, POWER-GATE relays have no contacts to arc, bounce, and degrade over time. Ultra-low trigger current makes POWER-GATE perfect for power sipping electrical systems where battery management is critical.

Devices can be customized for opto-isolation, latching, external Vcc, external status, logic feedback, and other various features. If you need to switch from a source to a load, and mechanical relays won’t cut it, POWER-GATE may be your solution.

Is POWER-GATE suitable for your application? Contact us and let our talented applications engineers help determine what configuration is best for your application.

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